Doing the Backstroke

Yesterday was a total surprise to everyone on the Treasure Coast. 

This image isn't far from my house.  Reports of around 11 inches within a few hours are VERY common.  

Our associate pastors wife thought she was driving into the parking lot at her work and found the retention pond instead.  They had to pull her out through the window of the car. 

It's drying out now, but it's going to need a supernatural healing after this one.  Or if you have a car to give away - CALL ME!  

So for those of you who are not familiar with driving in this kind of weather in S. Florida (And I saw MANY of you yesterday)  here are a few tips. 

When driving through deep water - watch the car in front of you.  If its to high - DON'T go through.  

If you do get in trouble - DON'T STOP.  Keep your foot on the accelerator and drive through.  If you let off the gas, the engine will suck water up the tail pipe.  Engine ruined. 

If you are going through deep water - DO NOT try to drive beside someone.  The wake from your car or truck will drown the car next to you.  

If you can't see in front of you - PUT THE EMERGENCY FLASHERS ON.  The people behind you will see them before your brake lights. 

If a stop light is out - it AUTOMATICALLY becomes a 4 way stop.  Run it and hit someone - IT'S YOUR FAULT!  It's the law.  

If you cant see where the road stops and the ditches start (see image above)  DON'T drive there.  

Got any other tips?  Comment below then!  


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