Do You Believe?

Especially in the time that we live in - believing in anything seems to imply that you’re an idiot!  How can you believe in that?  How could you believe in them?  What make you believe that you can believe in anything?  

My initial thought.  How sad.  A generation that can’t believe in anything will accomplish nothing.  But then, it’s all smoke and mirrors isn’t it.  To say that one doesn’t believe in anything is to say that you believe in nothing.  That’s worse!  I believe that nothing exists.  But I don’t put my faith in nothing.  

I think that there are a lot of people who go to church, read their Bible, pray but down deep in their heart they doubt.  They doubt God, they doubt His church and they doubt their value to Him.  But when it comes to faith what else is there?  Everything in this world is nothing more than a counterfeit of the original.  Placing your faith in Jesus gives you the best that He has to offer - and you don’t have to doubt it.


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