Christmas Alone

Years ago I discovered that someone in my church was going to be alone for Christmas.  Now if that’s your choice, I’m ok with that.  But I don’t think that anybody should be alone on Christmas Day.  If you don’t have any relatives to celebrate it with, you should have a church family that will fill in the the gap. 

But I was thinking, what would Christmas be like alone.  

You bought yourself presents, that you wrapped and put under the tree for you to open on Christmas day.  

You decorated a tree that only you will see, then put it away.  (Probably 5 minutes after opening gifts)

You work in the kitchen for hours to prepare a meal that you eat in minutes - alone. 

You sing Christmas songs, to yourself. 

Depressing isn’t it?

That’s the difference between being a Lone Ranger Christian and being part of the Body of Christ.  You can celebrate Christmas alone, but it’s a whole lot better with family and friends.  You can be a Christian by yourself (I have no idea how.) but it is a whole lot better when you celebrate Jesus with others. 

That’s one of the reasons why God wants us to come together and worship Him.  So Christianity isn’t like Christmas - alone.  


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