Being a Zombie Is Cool!

If you don't know that - it happened a long time ago.  Now it is almost expected of any person, especially if they are an entrepreneur or have any kind of enterprising spirit about them.  Rebel against the norm if you want people to pay attention to you.

Rebellion is used to help people make money.
Rebellion is used to push others to change their mind.
Rebellion is used to give people a sense of purpose and identity.

The problem with all of this is - with each act of rebellion one must raise the bar to achieve the same success next time.  Dr. Kevorkian didn't just talk about assisted suicide, he helped people do it.  Madonna didn't just talk about being being free from censorship, she took her clothes off and had someone take pictures of her around Miami.  Well whether or not you agree or disagree with their opinions on these issues you have to take into account the effect this has on our culture.

There are men (and women) who say that as an adult they have the right to have sex with children.  There are people who think that all drugs should be legalized.  The list goes on.

At what point is rebellion a sin?  When you rebel against God.  Remember that sin leads to death!  It's in the Bible people!!  So what is sin?  Rebelling against God!!  If sin leads to death, then sinners are the walking dead (spiritually).  They are Zombies.  Zombies are sinners and sinners are zombies.

We live in a world where rebellion is cool, acceptable - normal.  Is it no wonder that this comes from a people who live to rebel against God?  Thus acting like a zombie in this world makes you acceptable, cool and welcomed to everyone, except God.

God is looking for a people who are humble, submissive and willing to follow.  A people who are not out to find their own way in life - but to follow His way of life.  God is looking for a people who will rebel.  Against sin!  Rebel against systems that are unGodly, sinful and morally wrong!  It's what Jesus did.  Mylon Lefever wrote a song years ago whose title is still appropriate today.  Love God, Hate Sin!  

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