This sunday starts our new series,  How To Minister To Zombies.  So many people in our day and time are so facilitated by tales of the supernatural - vampires, werewolves and such, but I think that Zombies are a good fit.  

So much that we see on TV - Internet and read is about how this world is going to fix itself.  How humanity is going to evolve and change.  Creating a utopia of perfection for us to live in.  No sickness, no pain, no disease, no crime, no need - just perfection.  

That’s nice, I believe that will happen one day too.  I read Revelation Chapter 20 and see it there to (It’s called the Millennial Reign) But I don’t believe that mankind is going to evolve or change - I believe that Jesus is coming back to rule and reign over the earth.  

But this worldly version of perfection is the one that scares me.  It doesn’t include God or even believe in His presence in our hearts and lives.  It’s as if He doesn’t even exist.  What is life without God?  Nothing.  One can be alive but that doesn’t mean that you are living.  This world is looking for a perfection of zombies.  The walking dead.  To live is to live for Jesus.  Everything else, well it just doesn’t exist. 


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