Zombie Jesus

Well I did some research, (google) and after much time (about 30 seconds) I discovered that someone had zombiefied Jesus.

The theme is simple.  The only way that He could have risen from the dead was if He was a zombie.

Ummm, NO!

When Jesus walked out of the tomb He wasn't the un-dead zombie like some people might try to portray Him.  He was and is alive and well - just like you and me.

And that's the message that the Church needs to be sending into this world.  That with Christ we are no longer the walked dead, but we are alive - renewed and resorted to our original intention - to worship and serve Jesus with all our heart, soul, mind, body and strength.

During August my sermon series is "How to Minister to Zombies"  You may not know it, but your may be surrounded by them.  To adapt the famous line from the movie, "You see dead people!"