Writing your manifesto

I have been in the process of writing my own manifesto.  (Manifesto:  a declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives.)  The word has got a bad rap over the last few years as more than a few disreputable organizations have declared their manifestos to the world.  (Anarchy garnished with a healthy dose of crazy!)  
But if I were to ask you to write out a manifesto for your life - what would it say?  What would you be willing to declare publicly, for the whole world to know, about you?
Would you address your weaknesses or trumpet your strengths?  Would you rail against what bothers your or praise what you think is right?  I don’t know so much about all of this, except to say - I think that we all need to say, without any doubt in our heart, what it is that God has called us to do.  
A manifesto shouldn’t trumpet the man - but it should declare how the man is going to submit to his Creator.  It should be about how the man is going to serve himself - but it should be about how man is going to serve his God.  A manifesto should reflect ones passion and heart - not just goals or lofty ambitions.  It should challenge - not destory.  It should create - not devalue.  
So you finish the sentence.  Today, I am going to . . . .  (and see where this leads you?)


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