When Disaster Strikes

I suppose if you live long enough, you see and hear so much that is wrong with this world, you can become jaded.  When the news of the shooting in the Aurora theatre reached me I thought, “Oh God, not again!”  How in the world could something like this happen in our day and time?
But I am reminded of a few people from history whose atrocities would leave most people breathless.  I could mention Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and others.  But I was thinking about some from the Bible
Pharaoh who ordered the murder of every male Israelite child born in Egypt. 
King Manasseh supposedly had the prophet Isaiah stuffed in a hollow log and sawed in half. 
King Herod who had the children of Bethlehem murdered, (seeking to kill Jesus)
The Romans who mercilessly crucified people without justice or mercy. 
And there's more!
As long as sin is in this world - people have the potential to do the worst they can think of.  Apparently, the person accused of killing 12 people thought that he was the Joker of the Batman series.  The Joker is a violent sociopath who murders people for his own amusement.  To emulate this dark character opens a door to the unspeakable.  When the lines between fantasy and reality begin to blur - problems are going to ensue.  That's why a relationship with Jesus is no necessary.  He keeps us ground in reality - really?  The world would say that Christianity is a fantasy - no Batman is - Jesus is real.  You can really trust Him.