Timeless and always changing

There is an aspect to Pentecost that most people just don’t understand
#1 - It’s timeless.  God never changes (Say “Amen”)  Because of that, what He did 2,000 years ago is still the same today.  His baptism and His presence is still wonderful and it is still the same.  The same empowerment that came upon Peter, the Apostles, Paul and the early Church is the same empowerment that comes upon us today.  No difference - got it?
#2 - Things are always changing.  What God is doing through the Holy Spirit is always changing our lives.  And get this!  His mercies are new everyday!  God is always doing something new in our lives - He is always doing something that leaves us in awe of His power and glory.  His presence is always amazing us!  He never changes - but He never gets boring or predictable.  
Timeless change.  It is a beautiful thing.  Most Christians I know try to fight it - but don’t!  Let Jesus do what He wants to do and discover that He has something beautiful just for you!  (Is that a run on sentence?) 


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