TGIF - and it isn’t Friday

No it isn’t Friday.  TGIF stands for Thank God It’s Forgiveness.  
There are a few famous lines over the years that have amused me.  Bill Clintons “It’s About the Economy Stupid.”  I just read this one the other day.  “It’s about Jobs!”
They are both wrong.  It’s about Forgiveness.  
Without forgiveness, we would live in a world where teenagers murder people without conscience.  Where neighbors sue each other over trivial things.  We would live in a world where lawmakers would have to legislate morals and values to society.  It would be a world where those who teach and practice forgiveness would be label “crazy” and “lunatics”.  Without forgiveness there would be a nationwide hunger for balance and stability.  People would look to education, the economy or the government for help.  But without forgiveness, none of these institutions would be able to offer much, if any at all.  
When people stop forgiving each other, they doom themselves to live their lives vicariously through others.  Reality TV would be entertaining.  Ones own personal emotions would be determined by the actions of others.  
Well, you guessed it.  We are already there.  And until we learn the gift of forgiveness - it isn’t going to get any better in the near future.  If you want to do something rebellious,  something so counter culture that it shocks and awes others.  If you really want to do something that will leave people with their mouths open.  Forgive them.  


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