Say What?

One Sunday a guest at our morning worship service walked up to me and asked, “What language were you speaking this morning?”  I told her it was a heavenly language.  “Say what?” was her surprise.  
For the next few moments I share with her what the Bible says about the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, evidenced by speaking in other tongues. I had asked her if she had been in a Pentecostal church before?  She said, No.  I asked her if she had ever heard of divine healing or the the Holy Spirit?  She said, No.  I asked her if she knew why Jesus went to the cross for her.  You guessed it, No.  
She was in town on vacation and a friend of hers suggested she attend our church.  Well after a couple of more Sundays, Wednesday Bible Studies, and a lot of phone calls, she could answer all of those questions an more.  But it was time for her to go home and end her vacation.  We were able to connect her to a good church in her hometown and she became a great asset to the church and a great witness for Jesus in her local community.  
Some people think that Pentecostal churches shouldn’t publicly speak in tongues.  But the reality of the matter is, it’s just for people like the lady in this story.  While I don’t think that tongues should overshadow the whole service - I do believe that it is a sign to unbelievers.  People looking for God are ALWAYS drawn to where He is and Pentecostal Christians definitely have God in their heart.  


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