Our Greatest Export

In a grand world of economics we talk about GNP - imports - inflation and so much more.  But I want to focus a few minutes on exports.  That which we send out from the good ol USA.

Is our greatest export in 2011 was  . . .  fuel.  It was for refined petroleum products - but I think that there is one greater than that.


The greatest thing that our country sends to other countries are the men and women who declare and embody the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  These men and women represent the heart and soul of who we are and what we believe.  The greatest thing about it is - we don't charge for this export.  In fact we pay for it.

However, a VERY disturbing trend is beginning to show it's ugly head.  Missionaries are seeing a 50% reduction in their monthly incomes because churches stop or struggle in giving.  Now let me address that for a moment.

It's feast and famine time.  That means that churches having seasons of great income followed by a season of radical reduction.  Now 86% of churches with attendance of 10,000 or more saw an increase.  But only 39% of churches under 100 saw an increase.  Nearly one third of all churches saw a decrease. You can read more about it here.

What does this mean - it's all over the place!!  The good news in all of this is that over 37% of those churches prioritized their profits to missions.  - PTL!  But the majority of income is from small churches.  39% of these churches saw an increase but 32.5% who saw a decrease.

Here is the challenge I have for churches and missionaries today.  Churches: Do your best!!  Don't apologize if you can't send as big of a check as you wished.  Just don't stop giving.  Missionaries:  When you call a church start with this question - How is it going?  Most pastors will tell you the truth.  If they are doing their best - then pray for them!  Help them - don't chew them out!!  Partner with them and encourage them.  I don't know of a Pastor who doesn't want to help you - but they need to know that you want to help them!


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