How Hot Is It?

Boy, it’s hot out here!!  
To use who have lived in Florida - we know what this statement means. 
A - If it is said by someone in May or June.   They are from out of state. 
B - If it is said by someone in July or August.  They are from out of state, but have lived here 2 years or less. 
C - If it is said by anyone who has lived in Florida for more than 3 or so years.  It is really hot!
Today, the high will be 93.  That’s hot, but wait till late August!!  
In Springfield Missouri, it was 97 degrees with 30% humidity.  For us here in Florida, that’s no so bad.  Hot, but bearable.  That’s because our humidity will be around 80+%.  
Here is my point.  What is bad for you, necessarily isn’t that bad.  When we focus on ourselves, our moment, our place and our time - then compare it to only what we know - it’s bad.  But when we look beyond ourselves, beyond our world - we may discover hope.  
Perspective is a funny thing.  I have great perspective, as long as I’m not in a fog.  That’s what the Bible, Church, Fellow Christians, Prayer, Teaching, Preaching, The Gifts of the Spirit, The Baptism in the Spirit and so much more is there for you.  But if you don’t avail yourself to those things, your perspective can become flawed and dim.  
Don’t worry about it being so hot.  At the moment that I am writing this blog it is 115 degrees in Biskra, Algeria.