Clash of the Titans

No, not the movie.  Forgiveness vs. Bitterness

These two titans can rule over our life with an influence that can change our world. 

Forgiveness opens the floodgates of healing, grace, mercy and peace.

Bitterness opens the floodgates of rage, anger, resentment and pain. 

When we forgive, we are the recipients of God’s mercies in our life.  But when we remain unforgiving we are the recipients of our own pain and anger. 

Bitterness is like an illusions cape.  On the outside, it looks normal, but behind its dark shadow lurks and whole world that can ensnare and trap people in its clutches.  

I’ve seen families, businesses and churches destroyed by one persons bitter rage.  Morphed into a false reality that can envisions the worst and never gives opportunity to the best.  

So today - which titan is going to rule over your life?


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