Being Sensitive To The Spirit

The ability to hear the Holy Spirit at a moments notice seems to be a lost art.  But nonetheless, it is necessary for each and everyone of us.  
Sometimes people will ask me questions about their life or family.  Their future or their past.  I will ask them if they have prayed about it - they will say YES!  I will ask, What did God say?  That’s when I get this confused look. 
I’ve been to enough concerts, been in enough loud cars with booming stereos, enough churches with awesome sound systems to know - you can’t carry on a conversation with all that noise going on.  Now I don’t have anything against loud concerts - I came to hear the music, not talk.  I don’t have anything against loud cars - I want to listen to my tunes.   I don’t have anything against loud worship - I want to connect to God.  
When we have to much noise in our live - how can we hear God?  Being sensitive to the Spirit requires us to take the time to listen.  Stop what you are doing today and . . .