Are You Truly Independent?

No your not!
Now that I have your undivided attention - let me explain.  
On this day of Independence - we discover that our forefathers were declaring their Independence from England.  But they were never declaring their independence from God or from each other.  
They knew that if they were going to pull this off - that if they were going to survive, they would have to work together.  
There is a misnomer today that we are a people of Independence.  That we don’t need anyone or anything.  We can survive on our own - thank you very much.  Well the reality is, you can’t do that.  
You depend on people for your food - your electricity - your gasoline - your medical care - your financial future and so much more!  We are a culture of interdependent people.  Without each other, we would be nothing.  
So follow along, independence isn’t really worth anything to you or me.  What I mean is quite simple.  We really can’t do anything of any significance on our own.  But together we can do great things!  
Our value comes from our dependence on each other.  I recently read that we are only as valuable as our contacts.  The people who we know.  It is the group - the church - the tribe that adds value to your life.  
So, who are you dependent on today?  And who is dependent on you?  


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