The World Is A Mean Place

I don’t think that I have to prove my point here.  But in case you don’t know that, just turn on the evening news.  You’ll get the point.  

But meanness needs to be confronted.  But with what?  Nations rise to meet the challenges of those who would do their worst to ruin our way of life.  Soldiers go into the battlefield to face our enemies. (And may God bless them and protect them as they do so.)  But if politics, diplomacy or armed forced were ever going to cure the ills of this world - it would have done so by now.  

Meanness needs to be confronted with the message of Jesus.  When people start placing their hope in an eternal God who loves them and cares for them - they no longer have to fight against a world that is doomed to destruction.  When you think about it, it is foolish for anyone to place their faith or future in this world - the only thing it can do is hurt them.  

Yes, the world is a mean place - but Jesus isn’t.  Praise God!  


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