Why Do I Need God’s Pentecost Power In My Life?

1 - You can’t do it by yourself.

There there are only three areas of influence that you have. 

Total Control - Let’s use parenting for example.  When your children are newborns, you have total control over their life.  When they eat, drink, go to sleep - etc.  

Some Control - As the begin to grow, they begin to do somethings on their own.  Dress themselves, walk to the bus stop - etc. 

No Control - As they grow up, then they leave the house and they are on their own.  

2 - You can’t do it by yourself. 

If you think that you can do it by yourself - you’re just being selfish.  You’re not that good.  Sorry. 

3 - You can’t do it by yourself. 

You were never designed in Gods will to be by yourself or to do it by yourself.  God has and always will be the one who can lead your life in the right direction.  

So what does Pentecost power have to do with this?  Well, as you can discover, this power is all about healing and miracles (even though they are really cool).  It’s about wisdom, knowledge, discernment and more.  That’s powerful isn’t it?  


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