When Pride Destroys Everything

I’ve been in the ministry, Pentecostal ministry, long enough to say what I am about to say with some degree of authority.  
I have seen people, used mightily of God - through the power of the Holy Spirit - completely and totally blow it!  Why?  They became prideful about what God want doing through their life.  Well, the story always ends badly.  When Solomon said that pride comes before the fall - I really think that he meant a hard and painful, fall on your face kind of fall.  
Pride is a mess and it makes a bigger one too.  Don’t allow yourself the luxury to think that “you’re all that” when God uses you to build His Kingdom.  Always be quick to give God credit.  Humility doesn’t mean that you don’t acknowledge your part of the process - it means that you acknowledge the source of your life first and foremost.  Jesus!  


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