When Passion Messes Up

I’ve lived on this earth for 48 years.  I’ve seen passion fail.  I’ve seen it fail in marriage, family, churches, careers and more.  What most people assume though is that when passion fails, it’s means the death of whatever is concerned.  

That just isn’t true.  

As a kid I played the piano - a lot.  That meant that I made a lot of mistakes.  If I had quit after my first mistake I wouldn’t have played more than one day.  Passion takes practice and with that comes the inevitable failures and success.  It is when we give up on our passions that brings the end near. 

When someone ceases to be passionate about Christ - their relationship with Him will fade away. 

When someone ceases to be passionate about their marriage - their relationship will probably self destruct.  

I think that you get the picture here.  

So do you think that you have failed?  Don’t quite now.  Keep the flames of that passion alive and let it’s light lead you to a new future in Christ and a new hope in your life.