The Sovereignty of God.

People have a problem with God being who He is.  Master of the Universe!  That’s a rather lofty title, but true nonetheless.  He is in control of EVERYTHING!  That’s also means that He will do what He is going to do when He wants to do it.  And many people have a problem with that?

When is God going to fix this world?  Well you have to read the book of Revelation and study it in order to know the answer to that question.  But He will - believe me He will!

Why doesn’t God do something about starving children and helpless people?  He does - all the time!  If you knew how much time, money and manpower the church puts into helping those who cannot help themselves, it would boggle your mind.  Jesus said that the poor and needy would always be with us.  I wonder how many people are not doing what God has asked them to do?  After all we are His hands and feet in this world.
Why hasn’t God answer my prayers?  Well this can be a loaded question.  First of all, God may have already answered your prayer and you just don’t like the answer, so you keep asking and He keeps giving you the same answer.  Secondly, God is answering your prayer, but not the way you want Him to do it.  He is in control and He does know what is best.  But we would rather do it another way.  Thirdly, You do need to answer the sin question in your own life.  Sin will separate you from God.  Now I didn’t say that a lack of perfection will separate you from God - I said that sin will.  So don’t go beating yourself up because your not perfect.  God, you and everyone else already knows that.  
It’s called the Sovereignty of God.  That means that He is in absolute control and rule over the Universe and our lives.  If we could tell God what to do when we wanted it done, then we would call is the Slavery of God.  If we could negotiate and compromise with God, then it would be called the Politics of God.  But it is none of those things.  
We live to serve under the Sovereignty of God.