The Power of Pentecost

That is what I am preaching about Sunday.  In fact, there is going to be a great illustration that I would love for you to be there to see in person.  When the believer in the upper room spoke in tongues - there were those who heard them below and asked.  “What’s this all about?”  It wasn’t just different, it was incomprehensible - but yet undeniable.  
That is what the power of the Holy Spirit is like.  No, we cannot comprehend it - but at the same time we cannot deny it.  The Holy Spirit is doing His work in our lives everyday.  
Ask yourself, if you were empowered by the Holy Spirit - how would it change your life?  What would you be doing differently today?  What kind of impact would it have on your personal private and public life.  Whose lives would be effected by this and how?  These are great questions to ask yourself today.  Because what you are thinking about - just very well can become a reality. 


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