The People of Pentecost

I know from the various surveys I have read coupled with the conversations I have had with people in the community that some people don’t have a high opinion about people who speak in other tongues.  
That’s ok, and if you are one of them - I welcome a conversation with you about it.  
But with that said, I have to say that out of all the denominations that I have worshipped with - worked with and had the privilege of knowing, Pentecostals are my favorite.  Sure I’m biased, but really - there is nothing like a people who read the Bible and say, “If Jesus could do it, If Peter could do it, If Paul could do it - then I can do it!”  
The people of Pentecost are a conundrum of sorts.  They have great faith - but it never seems to be enough.  They are always seeking more of God - more faith - more of His power and presence in their life.  They know something that I think many Christians don’t know (or a least don’t care about).  God is a never ending source of hope, love and joy for their soul.  
I like that!!  Whose with me?  


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