Thanks to the political correctness of the world that we live in we have a definition for everything.  Problem is, we don’t know who is writing the dictionary.  There was a time when the term Pentecost was a bad label to have. (I doubt many of you can remember back that far.)  Then Pentecostals became mainstream in America.  Now with the Assemblies of God numbering over 64 million worldwide - Pentecostal, Charismatic, Spirit Filled, Full Gospel and more labels!  
The problem is today is when most people hear these labels, they have their own definition of what it means.  I am surprised how many people who attend Pentecostal church actually don’t know what it means. 
This Sunday I am going to dive into some of this.  Being Pentecostal or Spirit filled isn’t about what you understand.  It’s about what you don’t understand.  While we do know something about the Spirit - we don’t know everything.  Being Pentecostal isn’t the same as being a Baptist or some other denomination.  (No offense intended.)  Being Pentecostal is a state of your heart before God.  


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