The Fire of The Spirit

There is something about people who are filled with the Holy Spirit.  There is a fire in their eyes that burns with a passion to serve their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  There is a fire in their heart to honor Him with the actions and attitudes of their life.  There is a fire in their belly to let others know about His great and wonderful grace and mercy that changes life.  There is a fire in their life that is evident at work - at home - at church - at play - when they are shopping, you name it!!

During the month of July - I want you to discover that fire for yourself.  A passion that gives you purpose.  A fire that will ignite joy and hope in your heart.  A flame that when fanned will cause a wildfire in your soul to rage with the love of God.  
Now I know that there are those who are thinking that these descriptions are nothing more than metaphors for God’s presence in ones life.   But I don’t think so.  There is something that spiritually burns within our hearts and lives - a fire that can only come from God.  
Moses had seen it - that is why he had to cover His face from the people of God. 
Jacob had felt it - that is why he limped for most of his life. 
Samuel heard it - that is why he gave his life in service to God. 
Solomon experience it - when God asked Him what He wanted. 
Ezekiel knew it - when He saw God as a wheel within a wheel
The disciples knew it - when they saw Jesus after His resurrection.
And God wants you to know it too!  Discover how - See you Sunday!


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