Disconnected from God

In my sermon last Sunday I had shared with you how people are disconnected from their faith.  Our faith are the guard rails of our lives.  Faith tells us what we can and cannot do.  Faith protects us from the world and from ourselves.  But without faith we can and will do just about anything.  

I believe that explains why our world is flying apart at the seams.  Why people do some of the stupid things that they do - why evil is so alive and well in our land today.  Our culture is disconnected from faith.  
We live in a world that is trying to solve it’s ills and problems by passing laws that tell us what we can and cannot do.  That in some way, legislation, will cure societies ills.  Never going to happen.  
We live in a world that wants to create it’s own faith.  They don’t want to be told what is right and wrong - they want to determine it for themselves.  Well, that doesn’t work either does it.  
That’s why Christians need to embrace their faith now more than ever!  Not only will it protect you from “stupid”, but it’s the beacon of hope that your world needs.  That’s right - your faith can make a difference!  


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