Are You A Pentecostal?

Well I have to tell you - that this one might end up offending some people.  Not because I am trying but . . .

Most people don't have a definition for Pentecost or being Pentecostal.  Just because you go to a Assemblies of God church, Church of God, non denominational charismatic, etc. doesn't make you a Pentecostal any more than going to a Marlins game makes you a Marlins player.

Lots of people sit in the stands and they root on their favorite team - but it's the team that makes all the sacrifices and does all the work.

Let's define what it means to be a Pentecostal for a moment.

First of all, you want to be like the New Testament Christians you read about in Acts 2 on.  Do you what they do - you believe what they believe.  What was important to them is important to you.  They set the example - we follow.  With that said, if they speak in tongues - you speak in tongues.  If they prayed for the sick - you pray for the sick.  If they take care of the widows and orphans, . . .  well you get the picture.  

How much of your life today looks and acts like the Christians you ready about in the New Testament.  Are you as passionate, as excited, as determined, as committed, as purposeful as they were?  

What is your faith rooted in.  (Warning:  Offending statement to follow)  Their faith wasn’t rooted in the icons or methods of someone’s previous faith.  Their faith was founded and rooted in their love for Jesus.  Yes, that pure and that simple.  

Pentecost isn’t a label or a denomination.  It isn’t what you do - it’s what you are.  Just as much as I am 48 year old male, from Arkansas who attend Central Bible College - married - moved to Florida and have been serving in ministry ever since - I am a Pentecostal.  It’s undeniable and unquestioned.