It Was Inevitable.

As we face an uncertain future in politics - our current President has come out in favor of gay marriages.

A whole host of people have risen to the occasion, with sadness, in opposition to him.  But let's be honest, you had to see this one coming.  And, I do believe that gay marriages can become a reality in this country unless there is a sovereign move of God in this land.

Some may scoff at this, but it isn't impossible.  I believe that it is time for the church to begin to seek the impossible, improbably and the unbelievable from God.  Desperate people do desperate things.  Desperate Christians, first of all and foremost, pray - desperately!

Now before you dismiss me as a homophobic - I am not afraid of homosexuals.  They can attend my church - I would be happy to go out to eat with them - I would even consider them a friend.  That said, they would have to understand that I don't condone homosexuality or it's lifestyle.  Some would say that this is impossible.  It isn't and I have already proved it in my life.

People who say that Christians who reject the homosexual lifestyle are afraid of homosexuals, that they are full of hate and as such would label them as criminals for making such statements.  I would ask if they are afraid of Christians (Christianophobia - yes this is real).  If their statements of disagreement were nothing more than statements of hate.  And shouldn't they be labeled as criminals too?  I doubt that would ever happen.

With that said, now what?

Pray  Ask God what you can do that will make a difference for the Kingdom of God.  Many times, Christians will do something that makes a difference in the arena of politics - but what would Jesus do?

Act  Do what God asks you to do.  Vote how He wants you to vote.  Love others (that's everyone) how He wants them to be loved.

Believe  Do not retreat from your beliefs just because they are unpopular with others.  Our faith is dictated by the Word of God.  It says specifically that we cannot condone homosexuality - but it never says that we are to bash homosexuals.  Make sure that you know the difference.

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