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It Was Inevitable.

As we face an uncertain future in politics - our current President has come out in favor of gay marriages. A whole host of people have risen to the occasion, with sadness, in opposition to him.  But let's be honest, you had to see this one coming.  And, I do believe that gay marriages can become a reality in this country unless there is a sovereign move of God in this land. Some may scoff at this, but it isn't impossible.  I believe that it is time for the church to begin to seek the impossible, improbably and the unbelievable from God.  Desperate people do desperate things.  Desperate Christians, first of all and foremost, pray - desperately! Now before you dismiss me as a homophobic - I am not afraid of homosexuals.  They can attend my church - I would be happy to go out to eat with them - I would even consider them a friend.  That said, they would have to understand that I don't condone homosexuality or it's lifestyle.  Some would say that this is impossible.  

28 years ago today

Today, 28 years ago I said, "I do".  There were those who told me that we wouldn't make it a year.  Some couldn't understand why we were getting married?  Some who just embraced it for what it was and "hoped for the best."  So what have I learned about my wife in 28 years?  She is stubborn.  But I love that.  When life knocked us down, she didn't give up.  She is OCD.  Yes that has cost me a lot of money in the past.  But when she dives in, she doesn't do it half way - its all or nothing.  Nothing boring about this marriage!  She is passionate!  Some call her a drama queen, she'll admit it.  But it isn't drama - it's truth - emotion - drive that is wrapped up in compassion and a love that can only come from Christ.  Is she perfect?  No, and she doesn't try.  That irritates some people who stereotype pastors wives.  But too bad.  Living your life to other peoples expectations forces you to live a lie.  She lives her life to Chr