When NOT to wear high heels

Oh my wife is going to kill me, bury me in the back yard and tell God I died of natural causes for this one.

These are the heels.  She loved them!  They almost killed her.  Tendons are still a little sore.  Some OTC pain meds were needed.

I have to admit, she looked really good in them!  (She only paid $14 for them at Target).  But there was a problem.

She hasn't worn heels this high for the last 8 years.

When we got home, she threw those heels so hard that I thought they would stick in the wall.  She wasn't mad at the heels!  She was mad at herself.  She remembered what I am about to tell you.

Just because you use to do it, doesn't mean that you should do it!

Now I know that I am oversimplifying here.  If she starts wearing heels again, and then slowly increases their height - she can wear these heels again.

But what are you still doing that doesn't seem to fit you very well?  Let's break it down.

- Well I don't get as much out of the Bible as I use to.  I guess I will quit.  NO!  That's like saying Betty just needs to quit wearing shoes all together.  NOT going to happen!
- Well church doesn't seem to be working for me like it use to - I think I will change churches.  Sure, Betty will change shoes, but she doesn't change feet?  Duh!  Here's a hint, before you change your church let God change you first!!
- I've tried praying, but I just don't get anything out of it!!  I understand, but you're trying to wear the high heels when you need to be putting on some sneakers.  Your life is a process of God ordained events that will help you change and become more like Jesus.  Just because you see the $14 shoes on sale at Target doesn't mean that you are suppose to wear them!!  Be satisfied with what you can do and let God help you discover more!!

Well, this will probably be my last entry, as I am about to be suddenly ushered into the presence of Jesus.  And when I get there He will probably say, "Did you really have to blog about the shoes?"


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