What Tribe Are You A Part Of?

When we read in the Bible about going to all nations.  The word nations can be translated a tribe, a nation, a people group.

There are many people groups out there in our world - which one are you a part of?

Is it the Rod Stewart wanna be's?

Or maybe it's a group of acid rockers

It could be your family - your friends - your co workers, etc.

Nonetheless, it is the group of people with whom you identify with - the group that you talk to.  The group that you rely on when in need.  The group that you passionately care about and defend.

The question is - Are you a part of Jesus' tribe?  Jesus died on the cross so we could be a part of His Church - I mean tribe.  So that we could be there for one another and we could rely on Him for His direction and will in our lives.

Are you a part of His Church?  No, I don't mean if you are a part of "the Church" universal.  I mean, are you an active part of a local church where you are connected to a group of people that you genuinely care about.

Many Christians have a dream on how they would like their Church, I mean tribe, to look like.  Some want it to look and feel like it did 20 or 30 years ago.  Some would rather those people were not a part of their tribe.  Some want to keep their tribe at arms length with a minimal amount of interaction.

Jesus said, that as a tribe, we are to love one another.  Help each other.  Care for one another.  Help each other live a life that glorifies Him.  Pray for one another.  Defend one another.  To be as close to each other as we are to our own family.

If you are not part of a church, "tribe" and you live near Palm City, Florida - I encourage you to try this tribe out.  If you live somewhere else - don't focus on finding the tribe you want - focus on the tribe where Jesus places you.  Where he needs you.  Find a tribe that you will genuinely allow yourself to be connected to.  Find a place where people will love you and help you.  A place where you can help others and be there for them.  Be part of His tribe - His Church - and you will discover what you have been looking for the whole time.


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