Waiting - YUCH!

Jesus had to wait between Palm Sunday and His crucifixion. I don't know about you - but this would cause a little anxiety.

So what did Jesus do? What He always did. He preached, taught and prayer. He was found at the temple and among the people. He knew what was coming and He was doing everything that He could to prepare His people for the inevitable.

You see, when you are waiting you are hot helpless!

Whenever I know that I am going to be waiting to see the doctor, or to have the oil changed in my car I take a book with me to read. I make phone calls that need to be made. That's different from what I use to do. Sit there and fume that I was waiting.

One time years ago, Betty and I waiting 2 hours to see a doctor. I got a lot of work done!! We were the first patients that he was going to see when he came in. I thought about letting him have it for doing this, but wisdom and the Holy Spirit prevailed. I asked him if everything was ok. It wasn't. As it turned out, while we were waiting there was a torrential downpour, (of biblical proportions) that had flooded the whole area. He didn't know where the parking lot ended and the retention pond began, and drove his brand new BMW into a lake. Ouch!!

The poor man was in a panic. Then I did something I usually don't do to doctors, I told him to stop, take a breath and rest. Betty was doing well and didn't need any special care. Let's just take the next few minutes and pull it all together. We did and he really, really appreciated it.

Waiting doesn't mean that you stop. It means that you are preparing to do the next thing. While Jesus was waiting, He was preparing. What are you preparing for today?

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