Triumph to Tragedy

This week is the Passion week for the church of Jesus Christ.

It starts with a triumphal entry into the city of Jerusalem. Jesus being welcomed as a great man of God. But as we learned last Sunday, the triumph was tempered by the peoples lack of faith. They were not welcoming the MAN of God or Jesus as the Son of God.

Their praises were appropriate, but they were not from a heart that recognized Jesus for who He really was. Therefore their "worship" of Him was hallow and without value.

Their "faith" in Him was justified, as long as He did what they wanted. Some may have saw Him as a Savior, but only if He saved them from the hardships of life. They wanted Him to bring fair justice to the land, to rule over the world bringing peace and life.

The tragedy of His coming crucifixion was inevitable. That tragedy still happens today. When peoples expectations of Jesus and His church are not met - someone is going to get crucified. Helping people discover what it means to live their faith in a world that isn't fair - to help them connect to a God who isn't safe - to help them experience a change of heart - in a heart that doesn't want to change - requires a crucifixion. The question is - is there going to be a resurrection?

A special Good Friday, Prayer, Pancakes and Communion - 7 p.m.

Easter Egg Hunt and Breakfast - Sunday @ 9 a.m.

Morning Easter Service @ 10:30 a.m.