Sunday is a Comin'

Today is Good Friday.  Jesus is being crucified on a cross.  The nails are in His hands and feet.  The spear is in His side.  The mocking is taking place.  Jesus' family is at His feet, weeping their loss.  The disciples, for the most part, have disappeared out of fear - are they next?  What is so good about Friday?

Death isn't something that we necessarily celebrate or look forward to.  We love to live and experience what God has in store for us.  We love our relationships and it breaks our heart to loose someone.  

So what is good about Friday?  It is the beginning of a miracle.  Without a death, there would be no resurrection.  

Today is a day we can take to examine ourselves and allow the Holy Spirit to speak into our lives.  Jesus went to the cross for you - He gave EVERYTHING up just for you!  He loves you so much that He wants you to experience His love - His passion - His mercy and His grace in your life.  But in order to that to take place, you have to die. 

Paul put is this way in 1 Cor 15:31 "I die daily".  Meaning that the old man - the part of you that wants to sin - the part of you that gets you in trouble must die - everyday.  That sounds gruesome, but not really.  Why?  Because without a death, there can be no resurrection. 

Jesus didn't die so you could turn over a new leaf.  He died to make you a new person.  He can resurrect your life, your hope, your dreams, your marriage, your family and even more!!  But the question is - are you willing to let that part of you that you hang on to so much - that part of you that doesn't even let God in - that part of you that you selfishly hang on to - die!!

A special Good Friday, Prayer, Pancakes and Communion - 7 p.m.

Easter Egg Hunt and Breakfast - Sunday @ 9 a.m.

Morning Easter Service @ 10:30 a.m.