A Rock and A Hard Place

Jesus is in the grace - hell is rejoicing.  The battle is over - but is it?

One of paradoxs of Christianity is that from defeat can come victory.  From death there is life.  From loss there is gain.

But when?

The disciples don't know what to do - Jesus' family is in mourning - the believers are scattered and disillusioned.  What to do now?  I am sure that some of them went right back to doing what they did before they met Jesus.  That is true from many of us.  When in doubt, do what you did - even if it didn't work.

When will the victory come?  How long to I have to have faith and believe?  That's hard to say - but until there is a resurrection.  While Jesus told everyone what He was going to do - they simple didn't understand.  That is why on Sunday morning, Jesus rose from the grave and the only people to greet Him were some Roman guards - and they passed out!

Don't give up on your hope - don't give up on your faith.  Let Jesus arise and bring great victory from that which seems to be a loss.  Death isn't the end - it's only the beginning with Jesus.  Let the enemies rejoice - they will get a visit from the King and Lord of all.  With that, their defeat will be certain and permanent. Don't worry!  Jesus will arise!

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