Jesus is Alive

The sun has risen and the Son has risen!  Jesus is alive.  He has walked out of the tomb, it is empty.  The graves of the greatest religious leaders of all time are still occupied but their authors.  Except Jesus.  It isn't reincarnation - it isn't reanimation - it's a resurrection!

Jesus came back to life in order to give you life.  Jesus came back to give you a 2nd chance.  Today is the day that has shaped the rest of your life and eternity.  It is our hope - It is our future - It is our life!!  There is nothing on this earth that can compare to the love, grace, peace, hope, life and faith that Jesus can give you today.

Some said it was too late for Jesus - But it wasn't!  And if it wasn't to late for Him - then it isn't too late for you!  Surrender your life to Him - give Him what He is asking for and in return you will discover a new hope and life that you have never ever known.  Jesus is alive - He is here and He is here for you - Today!


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