Events That Change Your World

When 9-11 happened, I knew it.

When the stock market crashed, I knew it.

When I married Betty, I knew it.

When Anneka was born, I knew it.

These are events that change my world.

Now there were those who told me after 9-11 that it would be rough for a while, but things would return to "normal".  Guess they haven't been frisked by a TSA agent.   There were those who said that the stock market would recover and everything would be ok.  I know that they are paying $4 a gallon for gas somewhere!!  There were those who told me that getting married would change my life, then they lamented how it ruined their life.  I have never thought or felt that marriage ever ruined me.  There were those who told me how Anneka would change my life, I agreed - then they lamented how kids just ruined everything for them.  I haven't experience that either.

I am amazed at how many people either deny, lament, fight, argue or flee from change.

Jesus died on a cross in order to bring about change.
He rose from the dead so He could bring about change.
He ascended to Heaven, to be with His Father in order to bring about change.
He sent the Holy Spirit in order to help us change.
He gave us His Word, the Bible, in order to help us change.

Embracing change it at the heart of being a disciple of Christ.  We learn, we grow, we discover, we experience so that we can - change!

Easter is all about how Jesus came to change our lives.  Churches all across America, if they believe that Jesus came to give us salvation, will conclude their services by allowing you the opportunity accept that change for yourself.  Yes it will change your life.  Yes it will change your perspective about your world.  Yes it will change your understanding about who you are and what you are really on this earth for.  Expect BIG change - Expect GREAT change for you, your family and your life!!

A special Good Friday, Prayer, Pancakes and Communion - 7 p.m.

Easter Egg Hunt and Breakfast - Sunday @ 9 a.m.

Morning Easter Service @ 10:30 a.m.


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