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What Tribe Are You A Part Of?

When we read in the Bible about going to all nations.  The word nations can be translated a tribe, a nation, a people group. There are many people groups out there in our world - which one are you a part of? Is it the Rod Stewart wanna be's? Or maybe it's a group of acid rockers It could be your family - your friends - your co workers, etc. Nonetheless, it is the group of people with whom you identify with - the group that you talk to.  The group that you rely on when in need.  The group that you passionately care about and defend. The question is - Are you a part of Jesus' tribe?  Jesus died on the cross so we could be a part of His Church - I mean tribe.  So that we could be there for one another and we could rely on Him for His direction and will in our lives. Are you a part of His Church?  No, I don't mean if you are a part of "the Church" universal.  I mean, are you an active part of a local church where you are connected to a gr

Everybody has a story

Everyone you meet, everyone you know has a story.  It's their story and they are sticking to it.  But if you want to connect to people today - you have to listen to their stories. People build friendships through stories.  If you can get a person to tell you, even a little bit of their story, you have an excellent opportunity to build a friendship.  It is through these stories that we discover who people are - what they are like and what we have in common with them.  If we will listen, we will earn trust and a second chance to build this new friendship.  Ignore the story - and they will dismiss you like the hundreds of other people who don't want to hear it either. What do you need to be listening for in the story?  First of all, everything!  Some stories are told like a well written novel.  Other stories are like watching a NASCAR race.  You will hear the same thing over and over and over.  Some stories are a jigsaw puzzle.  Keep listening long enough and a picture will

When NOT to wear high heels

Oh my wife is going to kill me, bury me in the back yard and tell God I died of natural causes for this one. These are the heels.  She loved them!  They almost killed her.  Tendons are still a little sore.  Some OTC pain meds were needed. I have to admit, she looked really good in them!  (She only paid $14 for them at Target).  But there was a problem. She hasn't worn heels this high for the last 8 years. When we got home, she threw those heels so hard that I thought they would stick in the wall.  She wasn't mad at the heels!  She was mad at herself.  She remembered what I am about to tell you. Just because you use to do it, doesn't mean that you should do it! Now I know that I am oversimplifying here.  If she starts wearing heels again, and then slowly increases their height - she can wear these heels again. But what are you still doing that doesn't seem to fit you very well?  Let's break it down. - Well I don't get as much out of the Bible as

Lost and Found

Following on the heals of a GREAT Easter Sunday - I am going to start a series entitled.  Lost and Found.  It's about how some of the greatest people in the Bible, who were the closest to God found themselves orphaned in this world.  Some of them did it on their own and some of them didn't.  Regardless, you will identify with what happened to them and how God got them through it.  Don't feel like your alone in the universe, at church, at school, at home or anywhere else again!  Discover what it means when God finds you!!

Easter Sunday at FFWC

What a great day at FFWC!  Here are some pics from our Easter Breakfast - Easter Egg Hunt and Morning Service.  We are praising God for the 13 people who gave their heart to Jesus this morning.

Jesus is Alive

The sun has risen and the Son has risen!  Jesus is alive.  He has walked out of the tomb, it is empty.  The graves of the greatest religious leaders of all time are still occupied but their authors.  Except Jesus.  It isn't reincarnation - it isn't reanimation - it's a resurrection! Jesus came back to life in order to give you life.  Jesus came back to give you a 2nd chance.  Today is the day that has shaped the rest of your life and eternity.  It is our hope - It is our future - It is our life!!  There is nothing on this earth that can compare to the love, grace, peace, hope, life and faith that Jesus can give you today. Some said it was too late for Jesus - But it wasn't!  And if it wasn't to late for Him - then it isn't too late for you!  Surrender your life to Him - give Him what He is asking for and in return you will discover a new hope and life that you have never ever known.  Jesus is alive - He is here and He is here for you - Today!

A Rock and A Hard Place

Jesus is in the grace - hell is rejoicing.  The battle is over - but is it? One of paradoxs of Christianity is that from defeat can come victory.  From death there is life.  From loss there is gain. But when? The disciples don't know what to do - Jesus' family is in mourning - the believers are scattered and disillusioned.  What to do now?  I am sure that some of them went right back to doing what they did before they met Jesus.  That is true from many of us.  When in doubt, do what you did - even if it didn't work. When will the victory come?  How long to I have to have faith and believe?  That's hard to say - but until there is a resurrection.  While Jesus told everyone what He was going to do - they simple didn't understand.  That is why on Sunday morning, Jesus rose from the grave and the only people to greet Him were some Roman guards - and they passed out! Don't give up on your hope - don't give up on your faith.  Let Jesus arise and bring

Sunday is a Comin'

Today is Good Friday.  Jesus is being crucified on a cross.  The nails are in His hands and feet.  The spear is in His side.  The mocking is taking place.  Jesus' family is at His feet, weeping their loss.  The disciples, for the most part, have disappeared out of fear - are they next?  What is so good about Friday? Death isn't something that we necessarily celebrate or look forward to.  We love to live and experience what God has in store for us.  We love our relationships and it breaks our heart to loose someone.   So what is good about Friday?  It is the beginning of a miracle.  Without a death, there would be no resurrection.   Today is a day we can take to examine ourselves and allow the Holy Spirit to speak into our lives.  Jesus went to the cross for you - He gave EVERYTHING up just for you!  He loves you so much that He wants you to experience His love - His passion - His mercy and His grace in your life.  But in order to that to take place, you have to di

Events That Change Your World

When 9-11 happened, I knew it. When the stock market crashed, I knew it. When I married Betty, I knew it. When Anneka was born, I knew it. These are events that change my world. Now there were those who told me after 9-11 that it would be rough for a while, but things would return to "normal".  Guess they haven't been frisked by a TSA agent.   There were those who said that the stock market would recover and everything would be ok.  I know that they are paying $4 a gallon for gas somewhere!!  There were those who told me that getting married would change my life, then they lamented how it ruined their life.  I have never thought or felt that marriage ever ruined me.  There were those who told me how Anneka would change my life, I agreed - then they lamented how kids just ruined everything for them.  I haven't experience that either. I am amazed at how many people either deny, lament, fight, argue or flee from change. Jesus died on a cross in order to b

Waiting - YUCH!

Jesus had to wait between Palm Sunday and His crucifixion. I don't know about you - but this would cause a little anxiety. So what did Jesus do? What He always did. He preached, taught and prayer. He was found at the temple and among the people. He knew what was coming and He was doing everything that He could to prepare His people for the inevitable. You see, when you are waiting you are hot helpless! Whenever I know that I am going to be waiting to see the doctor, or to have the oil changed in my car I take a book with me to read. I make phone calls that need to be made. That's different from what I use to do. Sit there and fume that I was waiting. One time years ago, Betty and I waiting 2 hours to see a doctor. I got a lot of work done!! We were the first patients that he was going to see when he came in. I thought about letting him have it for doing this, but wisdom and the Holy Spirit prevailed. I asked him if everything was ok. It wasn't. As it turn

Triumph to Tragedy

This week is the Passion week for the church of Jesus Christ. It starts with a triumphal entry into the city of Jerusalem. Jesus being welcomed as a great man of God. But as we learned last Sunday, the triumph was tempered by the peoples lack of faith. They were not welcoming the MAN of God or Jesus as the Son of God. Their praises were appropriate, but they were not from a heart that recognized Jesus for who He really was. Therefore their "worship" of Him was hallow and without value. Their "faith" in Him was justified, as long as He did what they wanted. Some may have saw Him as a Savior, but only if He saved them from the hardships of life. They wanted Him to bring fair justice to the land, to rule over the world bringing peace and life. The tragedy of His coming crucifixion was inevitable. That tragedy still happens today. When peoples expectations of Jesus and His church are not met - someone is going to get crucified. Helping people discover what it