What Do You Want - Really?

If you ask my daughter, "What are you?" she will respond, "Spoiled!" She is and she knows it.

But when "spoiled" crosses the line, daddy is there to meet her. If I didn't do that I hate to think how she would turn out. Yikes!!

When we think about church and our relationship with Jesus, are we spoiled? Do we have to have church in a certain way, our music has to be a certain style, our preaching has to be a certain theme, our religion just has to be so, so?

I wish I could say that there is a wave of this coming across our nation and churches. But the wave has already arrived and it has already crashed on our shores. Churches struggle with their identity, Christians "shop" for a church like they would a new car. Pastors are confused as to what to do. People want the "positive" messages they see and hear on TV. They don't think that they should "feel" guilty in church.

With Easter closely approaching, Bob Franquiz at his blog is quoted saying that the three things that we need to understand about our guests are #1 – They Know They Need God in Their Lives. #2 – They Want to Experience God #3 – They Have No Idea How to Draw Close to God.

You mean it isn't how good the youth program is, how they "do" worship or how good the preaching is? People want to experience God!!! So for the next few days I am going to challenge some of what I think are some "spoiled" attitudes that we might have towards church.


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