Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani

Remember him? He's the pastor who has been imprisoned illegally since 2009. His crime? He converted to Christianity.

Now I usually don't take a serious political tone with my blog. But Iran is really getting on my nerves. Someone asked me the other day if I though we were going to invade Iran. I said yes, the only question is, before or after they make a nuclear warhead.

Then threatening to block the transport of oil (which will drive our gas prices to $5 a gallon).

At some point you have to wonder what is going to happen?

But for us Christians we don't, do we? We know all of this is coming - and more! No this isn't doom and gloom. It's actually good news! Jesus is coming back and hell knows it. The world may be primed to capitulate to Satan - but the church of Jesus Christ isn't.

Recently Pastor Youcef was given the opportunity to renounce his faith - his answer? "I cannot!"

What is our answer when the events of this world try to intimidate us into retreat?
What is our answer when hell tries to stop our faith from reaching our world?
What is our answer when our lively hood is challenged by a radical muslim country?

I suggest you follow Pastor Youcef's leadership. "I cannot!"