Challenges For Leaders Today Part 2

Work together or you will be alone.
People don't want to do things by themselves anymore. They want to a part of something that is bigger than themselves. So they love working with others. Now there is a sliding scale to this. The younger people are, the greater the desire to be on a team. The older people are, not so much. This hasn't been a big problem for most leaders in the past - we simply let everyone serve the best way they could. But those days are changing.

Now everyone HAS to be on the team and everyone HAS to work with the team. ANYONE who says they are on the team but doesn't really connect with the team isn't really on the team. I know, confusing. In the past, when someone wasn't on the team, they were either dismissed or ignored and the team went on. Now when a team sees or perceives that someone isn't on the team - the whole team quits.

If you don't connect with your team, you will be alone - VERY quickly. The solution is challenging - but try to follow along. Everyone must connect with everyone at some level. But you, the leader, must connect with everyone at an important level. As a leader you must monitor what others think or perceive about the rest of the team. When you see a team member is upset with another team member - help them understand that person better. Improve the connection or help them understand why that person just can't connect with them (or the team) at a "better' level. Team members want to care about the rest of the AS LONG AS the rest of the team cares about them.

Letting Go
Don't take it personally. What use to work isn't working anymore. It isn't that what you were doing was wrong - it just doesn't work like it use to. New paradigms are needed and new skill sets have to be developed. Technology is a must and relationships are everything. So if you have to change - change! If you don't you will be ignored or worse - labeled useless. Leaders still lead, that hasn't changed. But instead of leading from an office with a name plate on the door - they lead from a table at Starbucks with a cup of Venti White Chocolate Mocha (with whipped cream.)


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