When Will It Rain Again? (It's about the recession)

No we're not in a drought.

But in the Old Testament we find that rain is a VERY important part of the Israelites daily life. So much so that they would worship false idols for it. They believed that rain would fall from heaven because of these false idols. Rain was as good as money. Because it was a agri society - no rain meant no crops. No crops meant no money. No money - BAD!

Let's fast forward a few thousand years. What do people worship today for money? Just like the Israelites, when times our tough we look to God for provision. But are we worshipping God or god.

Now here is where we can get messed up. The Israelites still worshipped the Lord God Jehovah while worshipping the other false idols. Here was their thinking. They worshipped the false idols for the rain and then worshipped God for everything else. See where I am going here? Do we do the same thing today? We come to church and ask God to help us - then Monday - Saturday what will we do to make a dollar.

Let's take it a little farther. Because this blog is rated PG (pretty good) I can't tell you how the Israelites worshipped their false idols. But the phrase "That's messed up!" could and would be used frequently. So when they were around the temple (church) they behaved like God wanted them to behave. But when they were around their idols (the rest of the week), well, "That's messed up!"

Are we one person in church and another in the world? Why? Can't we trust God to provide for ALL of our needs? Or do we feel that He needs a little help. If the person you are during the week isn't the same person who attends Sunday morning, then you are you serving - really? The Israelites didn't get it. They served a false god that didn't exist, there fore didn't answer their prayers for rain which in turn separated them from God who could really answer those prayers.

I wonder if Jesus ever looks down on us and says, "That's messed up!"


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