When prayer and fasting is tough

So we are praying and fasting is week! We want to see a move of God in our lives, our homes and in our church community. But why is it so hard?

Well first of all. The devil doesn't want you to do to it. It's that simple. Prayer and fasting empowers you - destroys his plans against you - make you the winner and him the loser. So he will attack where ever he can. In e last eight years my family has never been sick at the same time. What's even weirder - none of have the same thing. Hmmmmm.

Secondly, you don't want to do it. It requires sacrifice. I know, tough. But we don't like it. But sacrifice is still the one thing we need to embrace. We don't like discomfort - but there are more important things than being comfortable.

What will I gain out of this. Prayer and fasting has an incredible impact on the inner man. Why do you want to do this? Whatever God wants to do in your life - it's going to start there. Reread that last sentence. It all starts deep inside of you.

Pray and fast. Let God do something wonderful, terrific, exciting and life transforming in you today!

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