Is Failure Really Failure?

The older we get, the more expensive things are. Sure prices go up but that isn't what I am talking about.

Whether it is a new years resolution or a vision statement - a person goal or a life challenging need, we need to count the cost. That's where our success of failure is determined. That in the worst case scenario, you will not quit or give up.

If you are going to lose those unwanted pounds, will you give up if you gain a few more?
If you are going change your career, will you give up if you get some doors slammed in your face?
If you are going to do something that will change the lives of others for good - will you quit if no one else helps you?

Here is something that might help. We assume that the greater the risk, the greater potential failure. Oh sure, you might go out in a flame of glory! But failure is just failure. There are no "degrees" of failure.

I've watched GOP candidates, one by one pull out of the presidential race - did they fail? How many people were counting on them? Sure we can point at their mistakes and guess how things went wrong. But did they fail? No - they would have only failed if they had never tried. That is the definition of failure.

When you have a God given vision, a God given calling, a God given mission - you will succeed! You cannot fail, unless . . . well check back tomorrow and discover how.

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