Is Failure Really Failure? Part 2

In follow up to yesterdays post. I stated, "When you have a God given vision, a God given calling, a God given mission - you will succeed! You cannot fail, unless . . .

One of the words I am know for around here is "FOCUS"! Of course, that coming from someone who probably has A.D.D. can be seen more as ironic rather than being helpful. But I say it anyway.

When you set out on a God given goal, a God given calling, a God given vision to fulfill a purpose in your life - you have to stay the course. FOCUS!!

A while back I read a little book about chasing rabbits. If you chase every rabbit in your life, you will get led down trails that will lead you nowhere. For example:

- There are logistical rabbits. These are time stealers. Inefficient systems, out of date technology, poor communication skills. These will always lead you down a path that you have to fight your way out of. What can you do today that can solve or even eliminate some of these rabbits?

- There are personal rabbits. There are things about your personality that can lead you astray. It can be a matter of personal discipline. It can also be a matter of embracing who you are. Everyone isn't wired the same way. Someone who can't handle pressure probably shouldn't be a air traffic controller. Accept who you are - build on your strengths - don't let your weaknesses destroy you.

- There are organizational rabbits. This is about the interpersonal relationships you have with family, churches and employers. Simply put, how does your organization or family operate? How do they achieve their goals? How do they make decisions? It is so dysfunctional that it's like maneuvering through a mine field? Take time for some personal evaluation and determine whether or not this is what God wants you to do right now. Sometimes God places us in these situations for a greater purpose.

- There are mean rabbits. These are people. People who want you to do what they want. Years ago I got a phone call in the middle of day from a lady who attended our church. She said, "Pastor, I need you to go pick up my child from school." I asked if everything was ok? Was there an emergency that was keeping her from her child? She replied no, that she was shopping with her sister and that she couldn't make it right now. When I said no, I couldn't pick her child from school, the rabbit got MEAN! She tried to intimidate me into picking up her kid. Don't let mean rabbits run your life.

If you chase rabbits, you will end up failing? How? I defined failure as not trying. That is exactly what a rabbit will do. Lead you to do something else rather than what God called you to do.

Part 3 tomorrow!

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