Where Is Your Dream Taking You?

Genesis 37 Joseph had a dream . . .

Oh but if . . . . We learn that life is conditional from the very beginning. “If you are good, you will get a cookie!” Do what you are told, the promise will be fulfilled. The thing about dreams though is, will the promise be fulfilled? Being good for 10 minutes, well that may be tough for a 3 year old - but being good for 13 years, well . . .

We are an impatient people. Which is something that strikes me as odd. We don’t like pain - but impatience causes pain. We say that we are impatient, then we complain about our lives being in pain. Isn’t that like saying that you wished your thumb didn’t hurt as you hit it with a hammer?

Joseph had to wait 13 years for his dream to be fulfilled. I know, tough! But the process was as important as the dream. Another way to put it is that the journey is as important as the destination. (In some cases, more important.) When we realize that what God is doing in us is as important as what God wants to do with us - we get it.


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