When Hell Freezes Over

So where did that phrase come from?

No one really knows. It started sometime in the early 19th century and was almost extinct by the mid 1970's. But apparently it has made a come back - recently.

The idiom that is an indirect answer to the question - "So when will hell freeze over?" If you guessed NEVER! You are correct. It is usually an indirect way of saying - "You're going to get a fight and I am willing to die for this - so back off!"

Who has been using this phrase recently? Pastors. That's the Christmas spirit!! Listen, there is nothing I can do to stop atheists from suing community over their naivety scenes. There is nothing I can do about communities who decide not to celebrate any religious holiday. So what are going to do!!!

Here are a few thoughts.
1 - Show some love and compassion to the people who are "offended" or "offending". Love your enemies and submit to your authorities - the Bible says it!! Does that mean you just have to lay down and take it. No! But it is really hard to say "Merry Christmas!" to someone after you just told them, "When Hell Freezes Over."
2 - Trust God. Jesus arrived at the right place and at the right time to do the right thing. King Herod wanted to murder Jesus and thus would have extinguished Christmas - but that didn't happen.
3 - Don't get offended. Offense isn't a gift or a fruit of the Spirit. It causes bitterness and revenge to become a part of our lives. We begin to live our lives as the victim instead of being the overcomer that Christ desires for us to be.


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