When a dream becomes a nightmare.

Genesis 37 Joseph had a dream . . .

What happens when your dream becomes a nightmare? It does happen, but don’t be too quick to asses the reasons why this has happen.

#1 - Don’t assume that God turned your dream into a nightmare.
#2 - Did you assume kingship of your dream and displaced God?
#3 - Anything that you do for God will be met with challenges. Sometimes a nightmare isn’t a nightmare.
#4 - Each phase or challenge of your life may be a part of the plan. You know the dream, but you have to trust God.

Look at Joseph. He has a dream that one day he will rule over his brothers. Next he is sold into slavery. Ouch! As a slave he is accused of rape. Oh Boy! Then while in prison he befriends 2 people who could get him out of there. One dies and the other forgets about him for a long time. At what point would you call this a nightmare. But here is the interesting point.

First of all, everything that God led Joseph through helped to prepare him for things to come. Secondly, he did rule over his brother - God just left out the part about ruling over the rest of Egypt too!

God’s plans for you are bigger than you. Once you realize that He is up to something BIG! Then your nightmares cease to be scary.


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