Time marches on

Jesus was tempted for 40 days.
Jonah was in the belly of the fish for 3 days
Noah was in the ark 365 days
Israel wandered in the desert for 14,600 days

Time - it is valuable and precious. You can’t make it but you can lose it. We try to save it, but it still marches on.

What you do with your time, isn’t your business. It’s how we worship and serve our King - Jesus with our time is our business.

As a pastor I have heard the following line over and over and over and over. “I just don’t have the time, Pastor.” I think that if Jesus were to tell us, “I don’t have the time to care for you today” - that it would throw us into a panic. I know that I would leave the house or get out of bed.

What you do with your time can change you and your world. When you determine to use it to the glory of God.

For years, here in Port Saint Lucie, there was a man who stood on the same street corner, carrying a full sized cross, with a megaphone preaching about Jesus.

I knew a woman who hadn’t attended a Sunday morning service in decades. Because it was her calling was to work with babies in the nursery.

I knew a man who gave up his lunch hour for years in order to teach a Bible study at work.

The thing you have to remember is, you have a life time to serve Jesus - but the funny thing about life times is that they are short. What are you going to do today with your time to worship, honor and serve your King - Jesus!