Merry Christmas heres your Kidney Stone

Yesterday morning I woke up. Those of you who know me understand that is a miracle in and of itself. But I woke up. I went from a deep sleep to screaming wide away in .2 seconds. Why? A kidney stone wanted to make it's presence known.

Now some of you might remember that back on my birthday, I gave birth to another stone. What you don't know is that I read lips. What does that have to do with a kidney stone? During the first stone (which we officially call #4) I watched the ultrasound people find the current stone that was torturing me - then they found another one. I didn't know if I had passed it originally or if it was still there - that was until yesterday.

Fortunately, to the glory of God, I passed it very quickly (apparently it was very small and we are naming it #5). But for those of you who have never had the pleasure of doing any of this, you probably don't know that one can have all sorts of infections, kidney, bladder, prostrate, etc. So today - I drink water - lots and lots of water. I may have to call the doctor tomorrow - MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

This is the kind of stuff that makes you want to say - Bah Humbug!


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